What is the water molecule?

Everything we know on earth is composed of molecules, and in the case of the water molecule, it is the most abundant. We can also say that it is one of the most unique molecules because it is composed of positive and negative charge that interacts.

However, as eccentric as the water molecule may be, for many it is a complicated one to understand. Similarly, when we find water in frozen form, it is due to the interaction in the molecules of this resource, which is undoubtedly the most important resource on earth.

water molecule chart

What is the composition of the water molecule?

Water, like everything else on earth, is composed of molecules. In its case, we all know its composition: hydrogen and oxygen. It is exactly these elements that give this resource its unique qualities.

In the case of hydrogen, it is characterized by a very slight negative charge, while oxygen has a slightly positive charge. When they interact within the water molecule, they create what is known as a dipole.

The latter is nothing more than the attraction of the atoms of the molecule by their charges, very similar to what happens when we bring two magnets together.

In this interaction, bonds are created in the molecule every second, although those generated by hydrogen are among the weakest.

What other qualities does the water molecule possess?

Being one of the most abundant on the planet, the interaction between these water molecules also gives it excellent properties related to its solvency and surface tension.

In the first case, they allow the existence of certain substances that cannot be soluble with water, as is the case of oil, which is insoluble with water. In the second, it causes water to counteract gravity (as when it passes through the surface of a narrow tube).

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