Is Kangen water the same as alkaline water?

Although Kangen water is very similar to alkaline water, it is important to highlight that the former has certain properties that differentiate it from the latter.

Among them, it has the presence of antioxidants, micro cluster and alkalinity, being beneficial for any person.

The benefits that Kangen water brings to the organism, we must highlight the elimination of bacteria and fungi, it solves digestive problems, helps with chronic diarrhea and gastric acids, especially if drunk regularly.

kangen water is not alkaline water

Why choose Kangen water?

Today Kangen water has been gaining popularity over alkaline water, even though many think they are the same. In the case of Kangen water, also known as healing water, we find the presence of more properties than in alkaline water.

Among them, we find antioxidants, micro cluster and alkalinity. Consumed constantly, it can bring about a change and improvement in the health of the organism, as well as it can be used in other areas, such as cleaning.

When it comes to health, this water not only helps to improve the digestive system, but also to regulate the activity of gastric juices and to treat chronic diarrhea. It also has positive effects on the skin, eliminating fungus and even eliminating cysts.

However, it can also be used in the kitchen to clean vegetables or fish, as well as to prepare infusions. For cleaning it is also a great ally, especially in cleaning carpets and windows, allowing you to save on disinfectants.

Likewise, we must point out that you can find different types of Kangen water for the purposes mentioned above, such as neutral, super acidic or super alkaline water, changing its PH levels and in some cases, resulting in non-drinking water.

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