What is Kangen Water?

In Japanese, kangen means “return to origin.” Enagic’s alkaline ionizer and water filtration devices produce Kangen Water®, which is alkaline water. Kangen Water® has been used in Japan for over 40 years to assist the body return to its natural alkaline state. These gadgets can turn regular tap water into alkaline drinking water that is healthful and delicious.

Kangen water is made from a line of water-ionizing equipment that filter your tap to one of five pH levels (from very acidic to very alkaline), and it’s touted as being better for drinking, cleaning, food preparation, and beauty care, among other things.

Oxidation is what you see on a rusted pipe or when an apple starts to turn brown after being chopped. The presence of free-radical atoms (or groups of atoms) in our bodies causes the same type of harm. Antioxidants are chemicals that can delay or stop the deterioration process. Antioxidants include vitamins C and E, beta carotene, and selenium, among others.

Why Can’t I Find Bottled Kangen Water?

Are you aware of Kangen Water? As far as I know, it helps your body stabilize the acidic properties of eating some foods. In addition, Kangen water tastes well. There is a trial test in a local spa that provides Kangen water. They discovered that it tasted soft and luscious, yet with a mineral savoir Compared with ordinary tap water.

Another thing, a strong Kangen water is recommended for scrubbing efficacy in several tasks as eliminating toilet blotches or floor stains. Kangen water has increased in demand as the newest method to appreciate non-toxic drinking water. It has advertised as more valuable for consumption, washing, or beauty care, and food preparation. Kangen water will not just be better for our bodies, but it will also refine the taste of home-cooked foods. Besides, it gives improved hydration and provides users radiant skin and hair.

Kangen water has 3 properties. Anti oxidation, Alkalinity and Micro-clustering which can help avert illness. If you store it or place the water in a lightproof vessel, it will slowly lose its potency every single day. That why you don’t see bottled kangen water for sale in any store.

The best way to drink Kangen water is fresh out of the machine. This is how you get 100% potency of all the nutrients in the water.

But if you need to store some kangen water, the ideal place to store it is in a sealed glass or stainless-steel container in a cool, dark place. Please be aware that plastic in bottled water comprises chemicals, such as BPA and phthalates, which confirmed to be harmful to human health. Besides, bottled water is a drain on the environment and cannot be recycled. Conveying the bottles and keeping them cold also burns remnant fuels, which emit conservatory gases.

Also, based on some research, bottled water is no safer or cleaner. Each bottle outflows hazardous chemicals into our environment along the way as it disintegrates. The pollutants disintegrate bottles of water percolate into our environment bring multiple health problems. That is also one of the reasons why many manufacturers do not produce bottled Kangen water to help in preserving our environment and keep it Eco-friendly.

Why do We Need to Drink 8 glasses of Water per Day?

We constantly advised that we must drink eight glasses of water daily. Well, this is a simple reminder, a rational objective. Drinking water is a regular practice by lots of healthy and active people. Stay hydrated can increase your vitality and make you invigorated.

You might need to increase your fluid consumption depends on many aspects. According to some studies, people should drink eight glasses of water for multiple essential reasons:

  • You ought to drink adequate water to remain excellently hydrated.

That denotes putting back the water you lose through breath, perspiring, and urine. When your body does not have sufficient water, it can cause dehydration. Once this condition happens in your body, it can hinder you from performing regular tasks.

  • Improved physical function

Mild dehydration may weaken physical performance. If you lose your body’s water content during a workout, it may increase lethargy and decrease motivation.

  • Constipation remedy and prevention

Drinking adequate water may help avoid and alleviate constipation.

  • Weight loss

Drinking sufficient water may provide health benefits, such as helping you to burn more calories. Once consumed before a meal, it may decrease your craving and minimizing the jeopardy of perennial weight gain.

  • Reduced threat of kidney stones

While more studies are necessary, there are a few indications that added water consumption might help stop recurrence in people with an inclination to develop kidney stones.

  • Lessened severity of migraine

For those susceptible to headaches, drinking additional water may diminish the pressure and extent of occurrences. Water may help reduce headache syndrome.

To sum it up, remaining hydrated may help in weight loss as well as help to get the full benefit of physical performance. In addition, drinking eight glasses of water daily, prevent and remedy constipation. Therefore, it is a great idea to make it a daily habit.

Why Bottled Water Have Expiration Date?

The reason why bottled water has an expiration date is primarily because the plastic can degrade and therefore cause many core problems. The primary problem that happens with this is that the plastic that is being used for the storage of water may or may not have an expiration date for a longer period, because if the plastic that is being used within the water bottle is not of good quality and has a shorter expiration date, then that water bottle will degrade and cause substances that are within the plastic to leach into the water. And when this happens, the primary reason the water becomes toxic for us is because of the compounds that are present in the water bottle plastic. These are chemicals such as heavy metals antimony and Bisphenol A.

Both compounds are very dangerous for human health and, therefore, can cause severe types of cancer such as skin cancers etc. Not just that, when these chemicals are constantly being ingested within the body, they can also cause several other complications, such as damaging the gut or the elementary canal.

They can also reduce your immunity, therefore making you more susceptible to diseases which could have been defended against, and finally, they may also cause respiration problems.

Bottled water is often carbonated and, therefore, with the progression of time, it may become decarbonated. As a result, it may develop an after taste and the carbon that is decarbonated within the bottle when ingested can cause respiratory problems such as lung cancer and many more.

As a result of this, keeping all these hazards and complications in mind is the reason why expiration dates are mentioned on the water, so that people make sure that this water has not expired and may not cause harmful effects on their health.